Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Gig Review: Invasion @ The Well

For the third time in about as many months, I managed to catch Invasion last week. This time around they were playing in The Well, which may be better known to some of you as Joseph's Well. It's a venue I used to go to in Leeds quite a lot a few years ago, but has only just seemed to start putting on decent gigs again. The lineup as a whole didn't appeal all that much, with the other two bands both looking like eighties throwbacks who were probably born in the nineties. Blech. If I see another teenager emulating a cock rock band with tight jeans, massive belts and all that sticky-out hair stuff on their heads, I will rend them limb from limb with my mighty hands.

That said, Invasion were on first and so horrible bloodshed was avoided. I have probably enthused about this band before on this journal, but I am prepared to do so again. See this band. They're the freshest, most exciting thing I have heard in a long time. Sabbath grooves, grindcore song lengths and motown vocals about sorcerers and cursed treasure. Get your necks in, if only to see the finest British live act at the moment where the singer wears robes that look like they have come straight from some demented 1970s B-movie about Satanic child abuse.

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