7th December 2011

You were promised a return to regular misanthropy. 12 months later I have delivered. All awful things come to those who wait, and you have waited so very long. As well as the new Top 100 series which will be ongoing for the next 2 weeks, the end of 2011 will bring new articles, reviews and site tweaks - in fact, this very morning links to Very Special Friends of ATCB have been added to the front page. Click on them. Love them. Give them your all.

29th December 2010

It hasn't been such a good 3 months for us here at ATCB Towers, and I'm sure that you will refrain from punching me playfully on the jaw if I promise that the coming weeks will see a return to fully-fledged, regular misanthropy in bite-sized chunks - just the way you like it. Reviews promised previously will of course appear, alongside plenty of additional media that has been devoured, ruminated over and then sprayed back onto the written page from every orifice. Enjoy.

4th October 2010

It's been a long, hard month for you all without new ATCB material I am sure. But reviews are being posted, words are being written and handfuls of bile dry-swallowed. Pieces to look forward to over the next couple of weeks include new album releases from Grinderman, The Sword, Swans, Pale Sketcher, Killing Joke and Jimmy Eat World.